It is the result of different Techniques and daily Adjustments from a webpage,
on the part of a Specialist in SEO, with the objective that the site occupies better positions
in the finders without the necessity to pay to Google or Yahoo.

Our task

The task of our professionals of SEO is to fit the information of the pages that are tried to appear in the first positions of the results. The application of techniques SEO is intense in websites that supply products or services with much competition, dice to that major takes place competition degree, consequently the work is much more arduous and expensive.
The work is ample, since the positioning involves to the code of programming, the design and the contents.

What we do?

  1. Analysis of the structure of your Webpage.
  2. Analysis and generation of Keywords.
  3. Optimization of the contents of the Webpage.
  4. Development of sist. of programming to be found easily by the finders.
  5. Reconstruction of the skeleton of your page to facilitate the route of the finders.
  6. High in the main web search engines of the world.
  7. Connections with other webpages to improve the positioning of your site.
  8. Description and programming of the images of your website.
  9. Creation of a €œmap of site€.
  10. Daily analysis of the behavior of the keywords €œKeywords€ to check its location in each finder.
So that to contract to us?

* Because we counted on but of 20 years of experience in Google AdWords

* Because we have personnel Certificate by Google with much experience in diverse headings

* Because we have realised but of 1,800 campaigns in Network search

* Because we realised a daily pursuit of your campaign, so that every time it works better

* Because we sent 1 time per week a detailed report to you of your campaign of Google

* Because you prune to call the times to us that you need and always it is going to have an adviser to help you

Contract Network search right now

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