It sells by Internet

We cause that your company sells by Internet
We arm your webpage with car of purchases, we synchronized it
with Free trade, and the Market de Facebook and Instagram.

How to sell by Internet?


The technology advances to huge steps facilitating everything to us, including our purchases. It is by that the great companies of sale online as free trade, amazon, e-bay among others gain thousands of million per month.
In Argentinean this tendency I arrive to remain and more and more and more people buy by Internet. or to case did you never buy by free trade? ; or you requested delivery by globe? , or you made an order by order already. It is clear that today everything is made by Internet. And the change is so vertiginous that many great companies are outside market against small businesses that use these tools.

You these preparation to sell by Internet?

We offer an integral service to you so that your company sells by Internet

* Advising to transform your business into a sale platform online.
* we offer Design to You of Webpage with car of purchases
* System of product Load (to publish your products in your Web)
* System of Stock (to know how much to sell by Internet)
* System of purchases (so that the clients can buy in your Web)
* System of Payment in line (So that they can pay from your Web)
* System of Deliveries in your Web (so that you send products to your clients)
* System of V­a Whatsapp contact (so that you can communicate better)
* SYNCHRONIZATION WITH FREE TRADE (we have developed a system
that it allows to show in free trade all the products you that are in your webpage, with photos, prices and description just by a CLICK.
You are going to be able to sell, not only from your Webpage, but also from Free trade of simple and efficient form.

Also you prune To sell by Facebook

Facebook has more than 2,167 million users. The users happen at least enters 5 minutes until more than 4 hours to the day facebook looking at photos, states, sharing information, etc. If a user this as much time in this Social network, what seems to you if we showed to him what you sell? of attractive and simple form.

We offer a wonderful system to you to sell in facebook:
* We automatically loaded products from your Web just by a click
* You are going to count on system of Stock, when one finishes, appears exhausted
* System of Payment On Line (So that they can pay from your Web)
* System of Deliveries in your Web (so that you send products to your clients)
Now to sell by facebook is very simple, contract this service today.

It increases your sales, positions your webpage in Google

If queres that your business renders a 100% in Internet, you need this service
We offer to you to position your webpage in the first one to page of Google. Why? , so that when a user this looking for what you sell in Internet, your webpage appears in the first leaf of google, the user enters, and if he finds what looks for and he accepts the price, with your car of purchases, he is going to be able to buy of a very easy form. This way you are going to catch many clients and your yield will give a 360 turn of º to favor.

You do not lose this wonderful tool of publicity, calls us today so that an adviser recommends the plan that better adapts to your possibilities. We count on plans for all type of undertakings, businesses and companies. We have more than 20 years in the market, and know how to do it.




Contract the Integral service to sell right now by Internet

He completes the following form and a commercial adviser would contact himself with you.
Also to be able to realise your consultation via WhatsApp



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