Comunic¡, promocion¡, I bandaged and capt¡ new clients with Whatsapp
We handle Whatsapp by you and we harnessed the communication of your company
We have professionals Certificates in Social Networks and Mkt. Digitalis

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Whatsapp has more than 1,200 million active users.
This social network/instantaneous mail to communicate the world yet to you. Today it is the used mass media more at world-wide level and allows to send texts, videos, recordings of you and much more.
We use this wonderful tool to mass media catch new clients for your company and as main between the companies

Benefits for your company:

€¢ You prune to send promotions, new features, launching of products or services and much more.
€¢ This tool allows you not only to send audio texts, but also images, videos and.
€¢ With a strategy of digital marketing, Whastapp becomes the best system of communication for your company par excellence.
€¢ With the publication of a state, all contacts/clients find out than your company it wants to communicate to them.
€¢ To generate community and followers of your brand in Internet.
€¢ It allows you to differentiate to your clients by groups or type from clients to communicate of form differential to you between one and others. By ex when sending to them price list different according to the client.
€¢ Find out to you more benefits, sends a consultation to us.

How We worked?

  1. An Adviser of Digital Marketing, publicity and communication analyzes your company
  2. We study your needs of communication, to create strategies of digital marketing
  3. We register and we formed your company with Whatsapp Business
  4. We design attractive pieces of communication that catch the attention of your clients
  5. We arm promotions, supplies and new features to increase your sales.
  6. We arm the planning of communication of your company and we programmed it in Whatsapp
  7. We handle the frequent consultations of your clients by you
  8. We derived the subjects to you that we considered of interest or the orders
  9. We arm interactive videos to be positioned in the mind of your contacts.
Find out to you more benefits than Whatsapp has for you, sends a consultation to us.
So that to contract to us?

* Because we counted with more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Publicity

* Because we know how to turn the communication of your company into results

* Because We integrated all mass media effectively

* Because We installed the Whatsapp in your webpage so that you receive consultations right away

* Because we advised to you in action of Marketing for the growth of your company

* Because we are customary to work type of businesses yet, from undertakings, commerces, SMEs, companies and Multinationals.

* Because we adjusted to all type of budgets with creativity and effectiveness

It knows our service of Publicity in WHATSAPP Ads

It makes Click Here

Contract the service of Whatsapp right now

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Also to be able to realise your consultation via WhatsApp



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