We handle the social network that connects the images of your Web to the world.
We have 20 years of experience in social networks
We cause that your company generates businesses with other companies

Community Pinterest manager


Count with more than 250 million active users, between who 80% correspond to a Feminine market.
Pinterest is gaining much market, thanks to its easy use and to its effectiveness. This type of social network allows the user to create diverse collections of images, based on his thematic interest or.
The good thing of this social Network is that it is not necessary to be registered to use it and works with filters. That is to say, if I look for decoration; it is going to show all the related images to me decoration. AND the BEST thing is than each linkea image to the webpage of the salesman. This causes that the people who are interested in which you sell, enters direct your webpage and buys to you.

Benefits for your company:

€¢ To find new clients.
€¢ It creates relations (BtoB). Between companies
€¢ It creates relations between companies and professionals
€¢ It creates relations (BtoC) Between companies and consumers
€¢ It presents your company in a market businesses.

How We worked?

  1. An Adviser of Digital Marketing, publicity and communication analyzes your company
  2. We study your needs of communication, to create bonds with other companies
  3. We generate attractive designs and we published them in your Web and pinterest
  4. We arm videos of communication in case of being necessary to convince the user
  5. We arm promotions, supplies and new features to increase your sales.
  6. We handle the frequent consultations of your clients by you
  7. We derived the subjects to you that considramos of interest or the orders
  8. We sent a monthly report to you of amount of new clients, sale, etc.
Find out to you more benefits than Pinterest has for you, sends a consultation to us.
So that to contract to us?

* Because we counted with more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Publicity

* Because we know how to turn the communication of your company into results

* Because We integrated all mass media effectively

* Because we advised to you in action of Marketing for the growth of your company

* Because we are customary to work type of businesses yet, from undertakings, commerces, SMEs, companies and Multinationals.

* Because we adjusted to all type of budgets with creativity and effectiveness

It knows our service of Publicity in PINTEREST Ads

It makes Click Here

Contract the service of Pinterest right now

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