We specialized in the handling of publicity for your social networks
We have 20 years of experience in social networks
We cause that your company generates businesses and increases its sales

Publicity in Social Networks


Why it is necessary to make publicity in Social Networks?

The social networks are the main pastime of the people. Today it is the communication channel number 1 that uses the companies to catch new clients.
Each social network is for a type of client/specific segment.
I chose or the social networks according to your needs:

We offer to you

  1. To analyze your business/company.
  2. To identify what type of social network is most effective according to your needs.
  3. To arm a strategy of digital marketing to increase your sales
  4. To arm to the planning of your social networks day per day
  5. Once approved the strategy and planning of digital marketing
  6. We register and we formed your networks for companies. (In case not yet contas with networks)
  7. A creative director, along with our equipment of graphical design would arm the publicities
  8. Our equipment of design Web, turns your networks into a tool of sales
  9. In parallel the equipment of community manager loads the information of your company
  10. Our equipment of publicity would arm the campaign in each social network to catch followers
  11. We assign a monthly budget to your publicity. (To greater investment, better results)
  12. Monthly we will send a report to you with the growth of your company in social networks
  13. In less than 72 hours, you are going to count on a platform of social networks that is going to allow to increase your sales to you, to obtain new clients, to position you in the market.

Benefits for your company:

€¢ To find new clients.
€¢ It creates relations (BtoB). Between companies
€¢ It creates relations (BtoC) Between companies and consumers
€¢ It increases the visibility of your company in the market. It positions your brand
€¢ Positioning name brand at low cost.
€¢ To be able to just by reach million personnel 10% of the investment that you would do in TV, Radio, etc
€¢ To publish in social networks is the best option for your company and we know as doing it

Find out to you more benefits than Linkedin has for you, sends a consultation to us.
So that to contract to us?

* Because we are AGENCY with more than 20 years of experience in Marketing and Publicity

* Because we know how to turn the communication of your company into concrete results

* Because We integrated your webpage with the social networks to improve the communication

* Because we handled all the social networks and we counted with more than 120 active clients

* Because we advised to you in action of Marketing for the growth of your company

* Because we are customary to work type of businesses yet, from undertakings, commerces, SMEs, companies and Multinationals.

* Because we adjusted to all type of budgets with creativity and effectiveness

It knows our service of Publicity in LINKEDIN Ads

It makes Click Here

Contract the service of Publicity in Social Networks right now

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