Steaming is the service of RADIO ONLINE that offers Study to you DMG.
This one service will allow you to transmit any source of audio (as much engraving as live) to your listeners, through Internet and of a simple form and is transparent.

How it works?

study DMG

Lispmeister limited liability company uses technology of streaming to realise the shipment of audio through Internet. Your PC/Mac/Linux (Emitting) will be in charge to send the audio one to the servers of streaming and these as well, count on suitable software to distribute the audio one between the listeners connected then. All this process is practically realised in real time, that is to say, the listeners will listen what you are transmitting as they would do it with one conventional radio.

What I can transmit?

Any audio one that is happened to you: programs of radio, music, events, recite to them, interviews, the news, etc. Lispmeister, are not responsible on the content for the transmission and warn on the legal character, not allowing the transmission of contents that break the diverse laws of Intellectual Property.

What need my listeners to listen to my radius?

The listeners will be able to listen to the transmission through any connected device Internet with some application that works as reproducer of audio.

What happens if the number of simultaneous listeners who I contracted is reached or surpassed?

The listeners connect themselves to your radius by arrival order. If a visitor connects himself at a moment where the amount of engaged listeners is covered, the same will be in waiting line (without being able to connect) until some of which it is connected then becomes disconnected.

So that to contract to us?

* Because we counted on but of 20 years of experience in graphical design

* Because we have personnel Certificate with much experience in diverse styles

* Because we have realised but of 10,000 projects in graphical design

* Because you prune to call the times to us that you need and always it is going to have an adviser to help you

Contract your Streaming right now

He completes the following form and a commercial adviser would contact himself with you.
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