Graphical design


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Graphical design

We develop the image of your company, graphical design to size.
We design all the branding of your company: logos, script writing,
personal letterheads, cards, carteleria, magazines, catalogues, etc.

Does Your company not yet have clear a Corporative Identity?

What is the Corporative Identity?

We have more than 20 years of experience in Graphical Design.
* Lispmeister Dise±a the CORPORATIVE IDENTITY of your company so that the image of this one is attractive and homogenous. Your company will tell on the same corporative identity that they count the great companies, totally accessible prices.

Next you will be able to see the different pieces from graphical design that we realised so that your company has a true €œcorporative identity€:

Graphical design


Design of Logo/Isologo

It is the graphical representation of your company; usually it goes accompanied of a symbol. Both elements, next to a selection of colors give organization him to your company, and cause that your company is distinguished of another one.

Commercial stationery store

It is Dise±o de graphical Piezas for each one of the elements of the company.
As membretada leaf, cards, envelopes, folders, invoices, receipts, etc.

Commercial script writing

They are pieces of graphical design that they have as objective to communicate or to promote the services and the products that the company commercializes.

Catalogue design

They are pieces of graphical design that they have as objective to communicate the services and products that the company commercializes. Generally Folders of Presentation or Product Catalogues.

Publishing design

It is the branch of the graphical design dedicated to the model-making and composition of publications such as magazines, newspapers or books.

Design of Packaging

It is the package, it packages or it labels of commercial products, it serves to contain, to protect and to make more attractive the product for the consumers.

Advertising design

It allows your company to optimize the form to be. Advertising Dise±o operates the communication that the company wishes to give through suitable graphical pieces the objective.

Graphical design for Social Networks

- We design your webpage. (and you are going to be able to see the design step by step)
- We publish your webpage in Internet
- We offered Hosting, mail, technical support you and much more.
We are to your disposition so you need

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