Shipment of Newsletter

It is the shipment of publicity by email. It allows to optimize the communication and to position your company in the mind of the consumer.
In addition it generates new clients, since the publicity by mail, can be resent from a client to another one, causing that your company is more and more well-known.

What is Shipment of Newsletter?

Through shipment by mail of a digital advertising piece, your company will save in printed material and will be able to communicate of immediate form on: product promotions, discounts, gifts, supplies, presentations and services.

What includes?

Configuration and seteo of the campaign:

Load of the Publicity in our Software. To load the data base of the client in our software.

Design customized of newsletter:

We realise the design, maquetado, configuration of HTML, link. We create e-mails format text, HTML or multipart (Texto and HTML) to extend the effectiveness of your campaigns and to diminish the risk of which your e-mail is catched by filters Anti-Spam.

Optimization of lists of shipments:

We maintain optimized your lists through: purge by bounces, massive elimination, black lists, bathes to you, export by multiple criteria, automatic cleaning of duplicates and much more. With this you avoid to pay by email that never is going to arrive.

Integration with Social Networks:

Aprovech¡ the potential of the Social Networks and multiplic¡ the power of your campaigns, allowing to your subscribers to share the content of simple and fast form.

Qualifier of Spam:

Before sending your campaign we verified the probabilities that your e-mail is taken as Spam, with the tool of Report of Spam obtaining of reaching greater amount of safe clients.

Pursuit of openings and clicks:

We informed to you on the effectiveness of your campaigns through multiple reports as: openings, clicks, sendings back, etc.

Statistics of shipment:

Cre¡ special accesses so that you can observe the reports of the campaigns that you determine avoiding that they can generate errors. Obten©s information on readings, clicks, bounces and much more, in real time.

So that to contract to us?

* Because we counted on but of 20 years of experience in graphical design

* Because we have personnel Certificate with much experience in diverse styles

* Because we have realised but of 10,000 projects in graphical design

* Because you prune to call the times to us that you need and always it is going to have an adviser to help you

Contract your Shipment of Newsletter right now

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